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About me


Alice A Procter


I'm an alliterative Australian art historian and houseplant enthusiast, who will talk your ear off about kitsch and historical pop culture.

I curate exhibitions, organise events, make podcasts and write things, all under the umbrella of The Exhibitionist. My academic work concentrates on the intersections of postcolonial art practice and colonial material culture, investigating how we curate historical trauma and national identity.

I have over five years of tour guiding experience and plenty of things to say - if you want to collaborate on a project, be on a podcast, organise a tour or workshop or generally have a chat, get in touch.

You can help me do what I do by donating  - my aim is to keep tours and workshops as affordable as possible, so by supporting me you're also helping those who might not be able to pay for a tour or have limited access to museums and galleries.