about alice procter


I'm a historian of material culture based at UCL. I have six years of tour guiding experience at heritage sites and galleries, and I curate exhibitions, organise events, make podcasts and write things under the umbrella of The Exhibitionist.

My academic work concentrates on the intersections of postcolonial art practice and colonial material culture, settler storytelling, the concept of whiteness in the 18th and 19th centuries, the curation of historical trauma, and myths of national identity. My MA research is into new modes of dissenting narrative in museum spaces. I am Australian, but mostly grew up in England.

If you want to collaborate on a project, organise a tour or workshop or generally have a chat, get in touch.

This is an education project, not a business, but I pay myself and my helpers for their time. Buying tickets or badges helps keep tours and workshops as affordable as possible. There are free spaces available for every tour, just email me.

I am represented by Claudia Young at Greene and Heaton, so please contact her with media enquiries.